Radiant Health

a 30-day kickstart plan | taught by Nourish Coaches
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Nourish Coaches
Nourish Coaches
Integrative Health and Nutrition Counselors

About the Instructor

Integrative health and nutrition counselors Debbie Peterson and Wendy Bright-Fallon first met in 2007 at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) where they received their health and nutrition certifications. Debbie is a wife, mother of two and a retired college instructor. Wendy is a wife and former corporate executive. Both Debbie and Wendy counsel individuals, families and athletes in their quest for looking, feeling and performing their best. In addition to their private practice, Nourish, they run workshops, do regular speaking engagements, and produce a bi-weekly podcast, Nourish Noshes. Wendy and Debbie are passionate about helping people shift to eating closer to nature. They believe that one of the tools to leading a healing lifestyle includes playing with food. This inspired them to collaborate on writing nourish – a community created cookbook with over 140 simple and healthful recipes with pictures included to whet your appetite.

Course Description 

Do you want to lose weight, gain energy, have clear thinking, improved moods and outlook? Do you simply want to feel better in your body?

So many people have been burned by fad diets that aren't sustainable or realistic.  We often fail when we set too high expectations that aren't sustainable.  

We don't subscribe to any philosophy of eating, so this program is not vegan, paleo, ketogenic, raw or any other label. 

Through a series of modules that include videos, recordings, articles and questionnaires, you will receive:

  • flexible menu ideas to help the busy person
  • daily inspirational emails to keep you laser focused and on task
  • a mini-cookbook of simple and delicious recipes to get you in the kitchen
  • ideas for the sleep deprived in all of us to upgrade to quality sleep
  • exercise ideas that everyone can do to get you moving
  • self-care ideas that really matter to help relieve stress

This is not an elimination plan. This is not a quick-fix program. This is not your average detox, and it's not about deprivation. This is about eating quality food, nourishing your mind, heart and body that works with your busy lifestyle.  And we organized this course to set a foundation to last a lifetime, not just 30 days.  

In this self-paced course, each week you will move through the Radiant Health course material with the intention of looking, feeling, and performing our best.

Course Contents

4 Videos
41 Texts
5 Audios
1 Download
15.0 hrs